You have come to the wrong page if you are afraid of vampires, zombies and other supernatural heroes.

If you are not, enjoy with the thirst of blood!


Raptors is a comic book series published by Dargaudwith screenplay by Jean Dufaux and Enrico Marini drawingThe first cycle consists of four albums.


In New York Citypolice lieutenant Vicky Lenore and his partner Spiaggi investigate a series of murders, characterized by the message "Your reign is over." Initially, except how they dienothing seems to unite the deaths among them.
The killings have been committed by the raptors,  Dragoand Camilla who are brothers, sons of the ancient vampire Don MolinaHis father was murdered by his peers for opposing bloodlust change to adapt to live among humansFor centuries, vampires are still immortalbut have lost most of their powers and weaknessesand their vulnerability is a small cyst behind the earOnly Drago and Camilla retain the old ferocity and power of the ancient vampires, and are now ready to avenge the death of his father.

To protect from Drago and Camilla, vampires turn to Aznar Akeba, a young student who lives in India and has the power to confront the murderers.